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About Us 

Our Motto: Summer never ends, it just changes locations 


So, I have been asked by several people why bathing suits and bikinis? Funny thing is there is not a single answer that I can personally place my finger on. 

A couple of thoughts come to mind. One being is my connection to retail itself and my connections within the retail industry. The second would be it's swimwear and how can that not be fun at the end of the day. Third, I fully understand the online landscape and feel we can compete with the big boys and girls any day of the week. While companies such as Fashion Nova, Shein and others are big names in this space and currently have larger assortments than we do. I feel we still can carve out a niche community that will grow with us for the long term.

Ultimately, I figure we could do it better than the rest of them (Other Online Retailers) combined and to be perfectly candid, we do day in and day out. See we actually have a relationship with our customers and have injected the "Disney" effect into our business model. For those not familiar with this methodology; this is to simply "Surprise and Delight" at every step of the process. This means we constantly look for ways to go that extra mile and reward the community that is helping build our brand. This means we do random acts of appreciation for repeat customers, new customers and people that aren't even customers. Just because I can and no one can tell me "No". Like I said "How can this not be fun"! 


Our Mission 


Spread Good Vibes  

Regardless of Race, Gender, Religious Beliefs, Political Orientation and or Sexual Orientation - Simply put, come as you are, be kind and pay positive vibes forward  


Our Promise   


Here at Betty's & Bro's we have a passion for connecting great design in bikinis to our customers. We also appreciate that no two bodies are identical and yes based on cut and sizing (of product) there may be a need at times to return or exchange for a different size. At Betty's & Bro's we make this whole process easy without hassle and always error on the customers behalf at all times. We will either pay to have the item shipped back and or ask you to "Pay it Forward" to someone else who can wear it or donate it to your local Goodwill. All of this with no cost to our customers and even more importantly we begin shipping your replacement that same day, free of charge. No waiting to receive your return to then in turn process your replacement. We want you to get back to enjoying the sun and fun as fast as possible.


About Our Founder   


Jeff Kluth, was essentially born into Retail in sunny Southern California. Growing up in the family Toy business, Jeff cut his teeth at a young age stocking shelves, cashiering, sweep and cleaning, helping customers all for his next GI Joe. It's these early impressions that sparked the journey we are on today.  


Fast Forward 


Jeff has a vast range of Retail experience and has driven results for big box giants like PetSmart, Dollar General and Toys “R” Us. His passion and expertise lie in Operations, Supply Chain, E-Commerce and Information Technology.  His achievements include a significant increase in top line sales through the implementation of operational standards which include the roll out of innovative merchandising strategies in both brick and mortar and omni-channel environments, labor savings initiatives and shrink monitoring and measurement processes.  Jeff currently, works for a global consulting firm and helps domestic and international clients with their Information Technology Strategy and Enterprise Implementations.  


Founding Betty's & Bro's LLC 


Betty's & Bro's LLC was founded in late July of 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona. In forming Betty's & Bro's Jeff operates Betty's & Bro's without any outside capital investments, partners or debt.

Jeff is committed to organic growth based on the natural progression of the business. He remains hyper focused building the community and leveraging our gains to make reinvestments back into the business. Ultimately, his methodology and thought process is focused around and on people. The profits will work themselves out at the end of the day, naturally.   

Needless to say we are excited you are joining us in our journey and should you have any questions feel free to reach out to and we will get in touch asap.